Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Baking

I have made plenty of it. Do I have anything to show for it? nope, except for yesterdays creation which is on the chopping block, literally.

Menu today:
stollen and coffee for breakfast
grapefruit for guilt snack
stollen and milk for lunch plus a side of tuna for extra protein **
stollen for afternoon snack with a cup of tea
dinner - i think I'll stop the stollen now. i hope. god help me. there's leftover lasagne in the fridge.

** I realized after eating the tuna that my stollen actually HAS protein in it! I have a good 250g of almonds in the loaf!

My visitors are getting costco and sobey's baking assortments for their treats. They will be purchased within an hour of their arrival. I've done enough damage to my body to last through the holidays.

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