Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ebay Purchase!

I don't buy alot of things off Ebay... I'm up to 21 now on my profile! But a few days ago I won my auction, yay! I bought a sewing machine. It's a Janome 8080 which is a computerized machine. The one I have now is a Pfaff 1020, which has straight and zigzag and a buttonhole feature. that's it. It's a workhorse however, and excellent quality. I don't know if I'll keep it or sell it. We'll see how I like the Janome. I'm very excited though...I get to go from 2 stitches to a whopping 80 stitches. I'm sure I"ll never use them all, but the option will be great when I'm doing some decorating stitches on my quilts or whatever..

Now I have no excuse not to go and sew. Well, I can always use the kid know the one? Gosh, they were at me all day, and I couldn't start or finish anything because of them. LOL


  1. I have NO IDEA how to use a sewing machine!!!! Tomorrow I hope to finally goal is to learn straight and zigzag well enough to take a quilting class at Loris Country Cottage.....


  2. I took a beginner's class at Lori's Cottage and made the rail fence quilt I posted in my blog. I strongly recommend you are really familiar with straight stitches and your machine. You don't need zig zag! They are really great there! I'm going to take the machine quilting class next.

    Grab some scraps (I can give you some if you need) and just sew squares or rectangles together, and match up the edges, and make sure you have even stitches and nice straight stitching. You'll find you need to do that from time to time to adjust the tension and get a feel for the way the fabric sews.


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