Saturday, January 05, 2008

Things I really appreciate today...

1. My husband makes coffee almost every morning. This morning, especially after a not so good sleep…coffee was very appreciated this morning. And just now...a new pot, a new mug placed infront of the keyboard for me.

2. Ethan and Cameron setting up the blankets on the floor of the living room this morning to have their pancake breakfast picnic. And then hugging each other once it was done.
3. My husband letting me ride through a low moment of frustration and letting me cry without prodding and trying to solve things.
4. Watching Ethan put on his ice skates for the first time, and wobbling all over like a weeble, yet try try trying again.
5. Trent sending me out on my own to get a few things at Costco. Without the kids.


  1. Don't forget about that beautiful dog of yours. I just love her. Colin is on me about getting a yellow lab. I just get pissy at him. I would love a dog, but I have no time for a dog. I know I have had a dog most of my first 20 years of my life. I know they require lots of love and attention. They are not like a cat

    Come back to BC we miss you

  2. Mandy gets lots of sweet thoughts. You don't want a dog...not yet. Wait until Ellawyn is a couple of years older and you can actually walk with her on the walks, not dawdle. lol.

    We're on the plan...on the plan...


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