Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ever have those days where you just feel like you're spewing orders all the time?

the following conversation (er...scoldings) just occured while on our trip to and from the library. Am I the only one?

Ethan, stay close, there's cars.
Cameron hold my hand. ow ow ow. hurting. owow well stop yanking your hand out of my hand. we're crossing the parking lot you need to hold my hand.
Ethan, walking feet. Slow down. Ethan, out of the mud, now you need to stomp your feet because it's stuck in your boots. Wipe your feet on the way in.
Cameron stay here. Cameron!! me doi it me do it okay you can put the books in the slot. me do it. ME DO IT
ethan cameron walking feet...walking!! (Ethan grabbing Cams jacket to slow him down) Shrieking.

Jibber jabber about the library..get books. sign them out.

Can you go wait at the red bench please. Cameron, this way. Cameron, away from the doors. No you can't have Dora yet, we need to give them to the lady. (shrieking)

Ethan, away from the doors, there's people trying to get through and they don't want to squash you.

hold my hand. Hold my hand. Off the slope. out of the mud guys! Cameron, walk forward (walking backwards) Ethan, slow down, we need to wait for Cameron. Cameron, hold my hand. want doraWANT DORA
you can have dora when we get home.
Hold my hand there's cars coming out. Ethan! Right beside me NOW! Pay attention, that car just about backed into you. It didn't see you!

Watch the door, it's a tight parking spot. Careful Careful!

(getting into the car now)
hurts. hurts.
lean back so it's not so tight then, Cameron.
want dora WANT DORA!
I put the bag in the front seat. You can have dora when we get home.

Close the door.

ahhhh. Silence. They're locked in, I can breathe a little. I take a deep breath before I open my door to get in. Take a moment to look at the clearing skies and try to calm myself and remember that this is just a little moment in the grand scheme of things. For some reason, I'm very agitated at this moment, but the deep breath helps. I'm on my way home again.

open the door. Step in.

mama picking nose! mama picking nose!
Mommmeeeeeeeeeeeah! Camerons' picking his nose and putting it in his mouth. Mommeeeeah, he just did it again.

The last hour was one of those Calgon take me away moments.[/i]


  1. You need to read a parenting of those amazing books that will tell you that you[ve been doing it wrong all these years ;) Your children are the way they are because you've been telling them 'good job' too much ;) Maybe if you didn't reward good behaviour they wouldn't pick their noses and eat it OR strip their clothes off in restaurants......

    Oh to be a perfect parent....sigh.....maybe if go for number six I could try again.....there's always hope right? ;)

  2. oh you're badddd!!! ;)

    I wonder what the behaviourists would think when I said yes to multiple suckers for Cam as a bribe for good behaviour when he got his haircut today? LOL

  3. OMG you use bribery as well? And they let you teach other peoples kids too? Yikes!!!!

    When I think of how many mistakes I have made in the 15 years since I became a Mom I am constantly amazed at how amazing my kids are in spite of me ;)

    They aren't perfect - in the same way I am not perfect - I'm not sure I would want them to be perfect....but they are pretty amazing all the same - even if they do strip off in restaurants ;)


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