Tuesday, March 11, 2008


All the times my husband laughs at me because I watch the Shopping Channel from time to time. (usually once a day to see the Today's Showstopper at 10pm for about 5 minutes) I've purchased a few things from there and really like some the things I've purchased. I like their 30 day money refund/satisfaction guarantee, and the shipping is not outrageous either.

Anyways...I filled out a survey online for them... and I won $100 gift card from them! It arrived today!!!! Yay me!!!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations :)

    My Dad is a little addicted to a shopping channel in the UK called Bid-up tv. It's hilarious really because he really isn't the shopping type! He buys the most hilarious things that he swears are bargains!

    My sister keeps buying scrapbooking kits and then stores them under her bed - she doesn't even scrapbook!

    I don't think I've even watched the shopping channel since I've lived here! You don't seem the type to watch it ;) You seem far too sane ;) I sometimes threaten Lloyd that when I'm old I'm going to start collecting dolls from the shopping channel ;)


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