Wednesday, May 07, 2008


My dad has decided to list the family home and sell it. He has bought a new apartment. I'm happy that he's doing this for him, the house is way to big for him. It will be so much easier for him to travel etc. He is giving the dog to my sister's boyfriend's parents. That will be a big toll on Dad. I wish the timing were better as we were interested in purchasing it. I understand that he can't wait forever, and who knows, maybe this is a good thing, that perhaps I shouldn't be buying it, and maybe waiting for better things to come along, like a better home, and better timing...or a better job offer/location (halifax still dangles)

I'm just feeling quite sad about it all..the memories of my growing up dad is feeling really frustrated and overwhelmed about all the clearing out, gardening, painting, organizing, and I'm sure memories that will be left behind from him and my mom, our family home... living there for 38 years. He needs to get the house ready for selling and for moving. I just wish it wasn't so quick. So I need to get out there and help him clear out. My bro and sister are there, but we all need to help out, and my bro isn't the best at that kind of stuff, and K and Dad fight alot.

My life has had so many huge emotional swings to it lately. This one is making me feel pretty awful though. I knew it would come, I just didn't expect it to be a hard one.


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