Sunday, May 04, 2008

Worm Composter

I finally got a chance to empty out and sort through my worm composter today. I think it's called harvesting the compost. Anyways... I dumped the bin on to the ground on newspaper, and made a couple of tall mountains with the stuff. The worms hate the sunlight, so they dig down deep and then you can skim off all the compost. only thing is, mine was a bit clumpy (too wet) and so quite a few of the clumps hate wee baby worms in them, so I was meticulously crumbling and sorting through them.
My husband would roll my eyes at me if he saw me trying to save all the baby worms *lol*

So now, I have 3 icecream pails full of compost for the garden! But before I unload it all, I'm going to take it to Ethan's class, and the kids can have a go through the compost and see if they can dig up any of the hiding worms. I know there's a ton of them left in there, babies especially...towards the end I got fed up of all the sorting, and started to get lazy ;-)

Tomorrow, I'm bringing it in for Ethan's class, and he's going to tell/share about the composter, and we're going to build a new one for his class. The kids will try and identify some of the almost composted things (peels, carrot stick, newspaper shreddings) and find some of the worm eggs, as well as big worms and baby worms...and the little microbial bugs in there.

It's either going to be a hit, or a big scary miss. :)


  1. So, was it a hit or a big scary miss?

  2. oh it was a HUGE hit :) The kids were buzzing both days, and a few parents came up to me and said in a sarcastic tone "thanks a lot!"...meaning, all the kids wanted to do were get worms! *lol*

    I even got the one boy who is terrified of bugs and crawlies, to come near the bin and observe while the other kids played.

    My poor worms though...they've been through a lot of handling. They need a good rest and some special food!


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