Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I forgot to post about my BC Trip!

So, I never did an update of my trip back to BC.   It was very intense and quick, but got a lot done.  Lots of eye opening and more objectivity of living there - huge housing prices,  gas is way more expensive, traffic has increased alot over the last 2 years and graffiti seems to be alot worse too.  But it was so clean smelling, so lush, so green so gorgeous. :)

Day one went okay. I am the golden child according to my brother, as my dad did not rant at me. That's because I don't let him rant at me and I tell him off. My sister turtles and absorbs it all and my brother ignores him and let's it slide off his back. Me, I cut him off and tell him off. He started going on yesterday about my sis and bro and I interceded quickly and harshly, NO dad, I'm here to work, I don't wanna here it. And he'd try to continue...so I'd say nope, where are you going to put this stuff. 

Went for dinner at my bro's that night and it was great to hear them all, including my nieces and nephews mimic dad and make fun of his embarassing rants and blowups. It felt good to laugh about it rather than stew about it.  It's kind of like that old saying, you can choose to laugh or cry... 

on the following days it was a very hectic weekend, but I got alot done and I'm no longer the golden child as my dad yelled at me laughing Was feeling rather awful that I was the one that dad was reasonable with. laughing But I yakked back at him and told him to calm down. He was worried because I was donating a bowl set and of course he needs at least 20 of them for all the salads he makes. roll eyes 

My allergies were going ballistic (I don't have allergies) 4 years or more of no dusting or cleaning in the frickin house. I'm SO glad we didn't go through with buying it. It needs alot of work. I did the linen closet on the first day and I swear I donated at least, at least 40 table cloths. And that's not mentioning the sheets and towels that have been kept for 40 years. (8 black bags and 4 boxes worth of house stuff on the first day) roll eyes 

Oh yes, did I mention my dad had mice a couple of years back, and the mess has not all been cleaned up?  I did a few closets and low down cupboards that had not been opened in quite some time, I think.  puke 

My advice to those with dads totally dependent on spouses for that job...force them to hire cleaning services, or force them to learn to deal on their own, don't be doing stuff for them all the time. My dad is totally hopeless, even with grocery shopping for himself, and it's quite embarassing.  

And he blames my sister for it too.  I don't know why, but he's got something against my sister (first and foremost), followed by my brother (who apparantly does nothing right and walks around with his head cut off)  and it's blatantly obvious and he verbally admonishes them in front of me.   I will not and did not tolerate it.  But I also made sure to tell my sister how she lets him do it.  And she physically cowers and corners herself.   It's unbelievable.   But it also makes me feel very guilty and wondering why I am not attacked in this way?   I feel guilty that my siblings get the rants, but I don't let it happen to me.  Why should I feel guilty about that?  Yet I do.   

  All of those mixed emotions from childhood and family dynamics flood me and make me want to stay in my safe and private world (as I blog it, HA!) here in Alberta.

Went to the Relay for Life Cancer fundraiser in Coquitlam as well... we walked for Aunt Jean, who passed last year around this time.   I know she was there with us :) It was pretty special to get together one last time to relive the Tortoises R Us Team just for Jean. :) 

Glad to be home. everything's nice and green an open spaced here. I think I'm getting accustomed to the Alberta terrain. I even turned on a country song for nostalgia as we approached Edmonton. laughing


With all the craziness and emotional strain, stress, drain and pondering, I've really kept to myself this week focussed on reading, quilting and connecting to the things I love to do.   oh yes, watched Days of Our Lives this twice this week, LIVE and not in fast forward motion on the PVR.  I'm coming out of my shell, I can feel it, and feeling someone normal again.The process was a little more emotional draining than I thought.  I bottle things up, so I don't let on how I'm doing...but my body sure feels it. Glad it's subsiding. Now if only things would progress or end on the Halifax side, we can finally sleep a little sounder.    Good god if the mls.ca website tracked our IP address, it would log lots of hours!

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