Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, I've had it really easy the last few years with Halloween.  My kids are so easy going, and really don't take costuming too seriously.   

This year, Ethan wanted to be a dinosaur.  We couldn't find any at the stores, other than the cutesy baby/toddler ones.   Then, as easy going as he is, suggested an animal.   Meh.  

So I went to the fabric store and found a so-so pattern for a dinosaur costume.  Then I found wonderful (and cheap) green fabric and scaley fabric.   I'm building the costume now, and it's tricky. 

It's revived my love of sewing garments...I used to sew alot in my teens, really well.   It's also reminded me of how much I hate cutting out pattern tissue and fabric, and marking the fabric.   But the whole building process is so much fun.

The body of the costume is done, including the scaley spine.  Now onto the head, feet and hands, and I will reveal the product soon.  Obviously before Halloween.

The best reward of all is Ethan.   He is just beaming when he tries on the costume, and loves his tail and his spine.   And it is not even close to being done.   Can't wait to see his expression when it's all done.

Although quilting is still my favourite...I have a desire to sew a winter coat for myself.   I may just sneak that in.

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