Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shreddies and the NEW diamond Shreddies.

I loved Shreddies as a kid.  Remember the 100% whole wheat squares cereal that would eventually mush up if you left them too long in the milk? I still remember waking up extra early on Saturday mornings to watch the Jetsons, poured myself a huge bowl of Shreddies and piled a layer of sugar on top.    Loved loved loved them.

Now, Shreddies has a new marketing campaign which I think is the cutest and cleverest thing...they have now come out with "diamond" shaped Shreddies.   They haven't changed at all.  They're just doing a silly spin.

As I was walking around Zellers today, I had a good giggle about the newest gimmick - The new and improved Diamond Shreddies COMBO pack!  You get 1/3 of the regular shreddies combined with the diamond shreddies in the box!! OMG I just loved the cleverness of this marketing!!  

For any of my American readers (do I have any?)  Shreddies appear to be only a Canadian cereal (kind of like ketchup chips)

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