Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two on the Go!

I'm in the middle of two new quilts.  I started a stacked coins quilt using a bunch of my blue stash, and then I decided last minute that I was going to whip up a baby quilt for my new nephew, Samuel.   It's an easy one, kind of a rail fence with a couple of borders in blues, whites, greens and browns.   Stay tuned.  It's lovely!  Details to come.

Doc appointment yesterday to update a month of meds and new diet/exercise regime.  Doc was very please how my numbers came down, but I still have a ways to go.   Doubled my meds, and outlined the next step if this doesn't do the trick.   He also received my insulin numbers back from the lab after our first consult and revealed that I was at a 4, when the average is usually around 15.   (Scale of 1-20 I think).  I don't know what it is, but he said my pancreas releases very very little insulin, which is why I'm so high.  So we'll see what this month reveals.   I'm very proud of myself for stepping up to the reality and doing something about it.   I've introduced a couple of more carbs during the day, as frankly, I can't live on eggs, cheese strings and fat free turkey slices all day. :-)   

  I'm still doing a lower carb approach, but I need to eat more balanced, and since I've started eating a few more servings of food, I'm actually warming up!  Gosh I was so cold it was unbearable!

I really need to get over the psychology that there is something that I can do to solve this problem.  Like I can fix it on my own.   Like it's my fault.   It's not, as the doc says...my pancreas is not working.   But for some reason, I have this guilt that I can't solve it on my own.     And I hate hate hate, living like a number.   I hate that my day is a good day because I got my numbers down lower than before.  I don't want the numbers to define me, yk? 

anyways... enough about the D of my life.  

My quilting frenzy continues.....and while I quilt today, I will watch the inauguration of the new President.  Even though I'm Canadian, I am so proud of this moment in history.  I'm so excited and so inspired.  I know it will be a teary day.   

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