Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's done...needs a name!

So, by far, this is my favourite quilt, along with my d9p.   I love the colours, so bright, crisp and clean.  I love using white.  I'll be using white way more in my quilts in the future.   I'm very proud of my stippling in this quilt, I think I've finally figured some of it out - the tension, the speed the direction and how to manage the bulk. (note - this is a baby quilt size, so not as much bulk as the bigger ones) 

I love the minky fabric I used on the back.  It was fabulous to work with.  I used spray adhesive to give it a bit more grab when I was pin basting, and it held really well.  I love the texture of the stippling on the minky on the back, and the pile gives a little extra forgiveness if there were any problems.  I love this quilt.

Did I mention I love it?  So, you know why there's a few photos then.   These were taken on my snow covered back porch with gusting winds.  It was a reasonable day at -17c rather than the  -30 we've experience for a good part these past few weeks.   The colours are just so much truer
in natural light, you know?
Please click on the images to see a larger, clearer, detailed view.

Again, thanks to this blog
for teaching me, inspiring me and motivating me in my quilting progress.  



  1. Anonymous 9:53 PM

    I too love the colours. The quilt is very vibrant and refreshing. The black really stands out. I think it is the contrast of black and white with the bright pink I am drawn to the most.

    How goes the diet? Ever since you posted about your diabetes I have noticed just how thirsty I have been lately. Is it the cold, dry weather? You have me thinking otherwise

    Miss you terribly

    Do you have a holiday planned in the near future to a southern destination?


  2. your quilt turned out GORGEOUS! i love the colors you've used. and the binding fabric is wonderful, too! nice nice job!!!

  3. Anonymous 2:02 PM

    Wow honey that is just gorgeous! It makes me long for Cherry blossom season.

    As for the idea of -17? Um... no thanks?

    Miss ya.

  4. this one is very striking!


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