Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year part 2

If you read my post from January 2007 - all of our moving back to BC goals continue.   It will continue till we get back there.   We've had so many ups and downs and "close calls" in 2007, and it continues as we speak.  Waiting for some shuffling to finish up in the org and see if it means dh can shuffle over to bc.   

Need to be back with my family, my friends, my mountains, ocean and trees.   Need my Bellingham fix, my diversity of cultures, my parks and my rain.    Need to meet my friends' little people and reconnect with them.  Need to be where I belong.

As for quilting goals - I was giving myself a hard time about not completing as many as some blogs I read.   When in fact, I'm quite proud that I've completed 5 quilts (2 which need to be quilted). 

 My log cabin is 97% done...I just have to finish the slip stitching the binding, but my eyes are kind of wonky this week, so I'm just giving them a rest at the moment.   (I was reading wayyyy too much over christmas!)  It is SOOO gorgeous.  The soft minky fabric on the back is stunning.  I cannot stop touching it.  It feels like soft rabbit angora.  I love the colours, the white, the soft, the contrasts.  Going to be hard to give it up.  It's girlie and gorgeous.   

Will finish it and take photos outside - when it's not -32 out  like it has been this week.  UGH.

Next quilt will be with blues.

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  1. Anonymous 9:20 PM

    Looking forward to the photos!


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