Monday, February 16, 2009

Daisy Quilt

Taken in -20c weather with glorious sunshine.  This quilt has all straight edges and lays nice and straight/flat as well, but with the breeze, it wasn't cooperating in the pictures!

I got this idea when I was blog cruising - I saw a quilt with a strip of squares down a white quilt, and the woman quilted it in long lines as I have.  I wish I could give her credit for her idea, but I have no clue which blog it was that I saw it on! (anyone?)  I saw this daisy fabric in the new spring line of the store, and had to have it.  It's been so cold and cooped up here, and the first sign of spring just made me want to make one similar!

Edited to add : - Oh my gosh, I just washed and dried it and it's all crinkly and soft and perfect!! Way more perfect than before!!  

Well, as much as my vision in my head was brilliant, now that my quilt is done I find it ho hum.  Maybe it was dh's comment when it was done - the blank look in his eyes when I asked him what he thought and his response was "it's a simple one, right?" I can laugh about it.  Sometimes, men have no clue.  LOL

I'm still learning alot about piecing and planning, but I think this went pretty well.  I did this without mathematical formulas...just winged it.  I really enjoyed the new type of machine quilting - long straight lines (actually it was very boring to quilt, but I love the effect).  I have these adjustable bars on my walking foot that helps to keep the lines straight.  I was worried part way through that I would experience puckering, etc, but it went very well, except for a few tiny ones. 

If anything, my cat likes it.   And I do too.   It will be my quilt for my corner chair when I watch my cheesy shows. And Shatzi can sit on it with me. ;-)

I've also learned that during these past few quilts, I love do hand sew the binding.  I thought I'd hate it.  But I love how relaxing it is, and that I can watch/listen to a show while I'm sewing. 


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