Monday, February 16, 2009

New Books and Ideas

I just purchased this book on the weekend, and am in love.   

Oh my gosh, if I wasn't on craft crack before.  Now I am.  I want to do almost every single project in it.  Be prepared.

In my quilting and sewing adventures, I've also developed a yearning to make cute kids clothes.  Except I have boys.  Has anyone figured out how unfair the clothing and pattern market is on boys?   I mean, you have boxer shorts, pajama pants, pull on pants, and buttoned sleeve shirts. 

For girls, it's incredible.  It's eye candy everywhere! 

And the fabrics's a total female market out there!  If I had any sense of how to design or develop this concept, I'd go for it.   The boys market is way underdeveloped.


  1. Great book, perhaps my favorite crafting book! I know what you mean about wanting to make every project.

  2. Anonymous 7:36 PM

    I REFUSE to look. my eyes are closed.

  3. Isn't that book amazing? I think its the photographs and her colour choices. They are so beautiful. And you just think, "oh, if it can be done that fast, then I could also do . . . ".

    The whole ratio of cute boys to girls patterns and fabrics really is unfair, isn't it?


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