Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quilt Planning

Okay, so I've order a bunch of Kona Cotton Solids from Pink Chalk Fabrics .  I want to make a Plain Spoken Quilt from The Modern Quilt Workshop  .  

A million other quilts in my head.... (maybe that should be my new blog name!) lined up, but in addition, I'd like to make a quilt for my inlaws.  They're home is decorated in whites, navy/indigos and cranberry.  I was thinking of going ballistic with the kona cottons in a variety of dark blues, a few lighter blues, whites and berry shades, and making it into another Plain Spoken quilt.   Any thoughts?  A different pattern?  I just dont' want it looking american flag-ish.  

Wow, have you ever seen an improvement in my links?  LOL!

I'm so over the top with ideas right now.  I feel like my wheels are spinning and I'm going nowhere!  It's the ADD of Quilting!!


  1. I think Plain Spoken looks great in so many color combinations. Search Plain Spoken in flickr and you'll see a few in blues and reds. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous 5:08 PM

    hmm.. red, white & blue... I'd veer way away from rectangular shapes, what about something like http://www.acahome.org/tac/iaf/quilt4.jpg or one of these http://www.nativeamericanstarquilts.net/PhotoGallery.htm


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