Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not. Addicted.

really.  I have to stop.  I've gone on a project and crafting spree and I haven't started any of them!!  They're all trapped in my head...or in my little moleskine notebook that carries my list of crafty things to do.

After I bought my Last Minute Patchwork book, I also purchased my Kona Cotton Solids set for my plain spoken kit.  You all know about that one. 

Then, I bought The Modern Quilt Workshop  and Quiltmakers Color Workshop.  It's coming this week.  NONE of the quilt shops here in my Alberta city carry either of these books, so I ordered it online.  

THEN, I took a quick peek at my favourite quilt shop here and picked up a pattern book that was backordered for me when I was making the baby rail fence.  It's  The Best of Weekend Quilts .  I almost didn't get it but then there were a few patterns in there that I thought would be perfect easy ones to do...and since I need guidance on measurements for making blocks, etc, I figured another pattern book would be fine.  Also, they had in their clearance section, big freezer bag packs of scrap fabrics (coordinating) for $5.00 a bag.   One had a whole bag of the same fabrics I used for the baby rail quilt  (combined with what I have left over from the project = another quilt! )  Another bag had coordinating fabrics, among them some amy butler and similar!  Another was a bag of scrap cotton chenille in a rose colour that would coordinate perfectly with the Amy Butler bag of scraps! 

These were wee scraps - they look like leftover cuts from sample quilts!  There were pieces as big as 1/2 meter!  Great find!

So.  Aside from trying to find some navy/white cotton prints, I am banned from buying more until I make at least 2 quilts. 

Enough spending.  More quilting.

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