Monday, February 16, 2009

Dogs and sunshine

It's -20c again this week, so of course the dog hates to go outside.  It's a pee and dash situation when she needs to get out there.  But she LOVES the sun.  I hate having my window blinds or curtains closed at any time of the day..they're always open wide.  And with it comes the glorious sunbeams shining into our house.   It feels good.   And someone else thinks they do too.  I caught her this morning laying on the stairs because she found a sneak of sun.   This afternoon, she caught some beams shining through the back windows.   Note how in this first pick she only can fit her nose in the ray...she's THAT close to the fireplace.
She got smarter a few minutes later and was able to turn her body and warm her back... *LOL*

And the following three are just priceless...look at her wrinkled forehead!

Getting comfy...

Heaven!!! ....


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    Excellent, excellent post. Your dog is so cute.


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