Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loving Vintage

Each week I try to make a stop in at my two local 2nd hand shops (not consignment, but the true pick-your-way-to find the treasures shop) to pick up some toys of the moment, puzzles, etc for the kids.    I've been spending more and more time at the housewares items, in particular the pottery and china.   Today I spotted the coolest creamer in vintage pattern red, black on a white background, from Bavaria.  It was only 3bucks, but I put it back. What would I do with that thing anyways.  More dust!  So, now it's been calling me ever since.  It's little, and doesn't match a thing I have, but for some reason, it's sticking in my head!  

They also had an old vintage ironing board.  It was really rickety - but had a solid wood top, and the wooden creaky legs. I LOVED it, but it was $20! I thought, for that thing?   If I lived in my new place (when we finally get to move back  to Vancouver) I would make a spot for it.  Here, I have no creativity for some reason.

My quilt is almost done.  I'm doing straight line quilting at about 2 cm apart down the lengths of the quilt.  It's taking forever.  But looking cool.  My tension got weird in two lengths of it, so I spent as much time ripping apart the stitching.  My favourite part?  When you pull the other side of the thread and it's that one looooonnnnnggg zip.  

If I pick up that little creamer, I'll post a pic.    

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