Monday, February 09, 2009

Sneak Peaks

We took the kids to Drumheller, Alberta to the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum this weekend. My little paleontologists loved it there.  It's an incredible drive....flat flat flat and then all of a sudden the earth opens up and you drive down a steep hill into the badlands, or the hoodoos as they call it.  Very cool.   For some reason, my camera was on blurr mode for most of the shots.  I have no idea why.  :(

Sneak peaks...

Thoughts on the blues - oh my gosh, do I really have THAT much fabric?

Thoughts on the daisies - oh my gosh, I really need to plan this better and learn my math calculations better. 


  1. Ah, I love that drive! The first time we did it, we were living in BC, and I kept wondering when we were going to get to the valley, since I didn't see any hills. Now I live on the Prairies so it makes perfect sense that the valleys are simply hiding in the flat bits.

  2. i love the sneak peeks of your two quilts!


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