Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oh what fun this day was!!

Oh my gosh, today has been so much fun, blog hopping and disocovering SO MANY CRAFTERS out there in the world!   

I can't wait to draw names and announce the winners!  Still time left!  

I purchased more fabric today.  It's so cute.  All white. Going to use it as backing fabric.  One has large 3 inch embroidery lady bugs scattered every 10 inches or so.  The other, ivory gerbera daisies!  The gerbera daisy one has a plan already - with gerbera fabric I need to go back and get!   What do you think?  Again, my photography is terrible.  The first two show the detail of the embroidery, the last one shows the nice white.  It's 150cm wide, 100%cotton.


  1. Anonymous 6:10 PM

    GORGEOUS! Where did you find it?

  2. Anonymous 6:51 PM

    Those are really pretty. I really like the Gerbera daisy fabric.

  3. They are beautiful =) And the ladybug is just too adorable!

  4. that is fun new fabric!!!

  5. That is quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen this week. Ladybug! Daisy! LOVE!

  6. Where did you find that wonderful fabric? All sorts of projects are going thru my mind .

  7. I actually got it in the home decor section of my Fabricland store here in Alberta. Fabricland is a chain of stores here. It's kind of like joanne's(in the USA) except only fabric. It was 23.99 per meter, and I got it for 70% off! They have it in fuschia, kelly green, and sunny yellow as well with the little cute bits on them.

    I think I've discovered a new section to find quilt inspirations - some of the thinner decor cottons are gorgeous and if you think cleverly (which I'm desperately trying to train my mind to do!) you can get more bang for your buck, and some unique things there.

  8. Anonymous 3:59 PM

    very cute. Love embroidered fabrics so much more interesting than prints.


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