Sunday, March 22, 2009

still sick

it's been bad.   knocked off my feet since monday.  high fever for 5 days. super huge and painful swollen glands.  thought it was the mumps or mono.   finally have some penicillin to wipe out what's going on, but it's still slow to go.  my poor baby embroidery pillow isn't getting done, my binding not done, my ugly doll for my friend's baby not even drafted yet.

i leave for vancouver for spring break in 4 days.  and i'm still not better yet. 
*insert pity music now please*

will post soon.

and the kicker -  winter storm warning today. 10-20 cm snow expected. today.  gah.


  1. bummer! I am in the midst of a sinus infection myself, it takes time for everything to work and heal again. of course it's snowing - we are expecting a bit here tonight too!
    Feel better soon :)

  2. I hope you're better soon!!!

    And I really hope that winter storm warning is WRONG.

  3. Thank you Andrea for stopping by and saying hello! And I hope you get better soon, what a drag to be sick! I love the free motion quilting you did on your solid's quilt. I've seen that pattern from the Modern Quilt book but have yet to try it...but I love it! Feel better soon and THanks for saying hi! -Allison


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