Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long Weekend summary

It was awesome in Banff and Canmore.  What can I say?  We stayed in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath loft style townhouse with pool/hottub in the complex.   Mountains on both sides of us.  Spectacular.  Gorgeous 21c hot and sunny weather all weekend, and on our drive back it snowed, alot.   Weird.  Here are some highlights:
Climbing on rocks... mommy was scared, the boys loved it.  Of course.
Checking out the local toy and book shop - oh boy did this book get alot of laughs.  Of course, I didn't find it and egg him on...really.   ;-)
On the sides of one of the mountains, we could see the whole valley and town of Banff.   This big field on the side of the mountain was beautiful - Trent and I danced along the field like the VanTrapp family singing - ...the hills are alive, with the sound of music....
These are called Hoodoos.   Very cool.  We hiked along a trail, and my boys went down there, but I'm a big frady cat...heights and hills and cliffs do not feel nice to me. 
Here's Ethan at the bottom of the hoodoo....about to climb way back up again.  He was a trooper!

Went to a local quiltshop in Canmore as well.   They had lots of stuff, and I definately came to a realization about me and fabric shopping.

I like looking at collections of fabrics, colours and patterns mixed and organized by designer or line/collection.   This shop was organized by colour.   It looked beautiful, but I just couldn't really find anything that way.   

So. Do you prefer to shop by colour or by designer/collection?


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