Friday, May 15, 2009

Long Weekend..

It's a long weekend here, and my husband decided that he wanted to go away with us for the long weekend.  I told him if he could arrange for a dog kennel and find a place, I'd go.   Truthfully, I said that because I knew, being the day of the start of the long weekend, he'd never be able to find something.  I was kind of hoping for a slow weekend to finish up some quilting and putter around the house.  That, and a sudden surprise trip brings up anxiousness of laundry to do, packing, etc which I'm just so darn tired to do right now.  Well, he proved me wrong.  We're heading to the Rockies tomorrow, to Banff.  The kids will have a blast and I will too, once I stop digging in my heels and get excited about it.  I don't know what it is with me, but I'm learning that sudden change is not my forte anymore.  I used to be so adventurous.  Now, it's a chore.  How are you with sudden spontaneous overnight plans?  But, I know it'll be fun.  Just perk me up with a Tim Horton's double double on the way and I'll be a happy girl.  Oh. And the fact that there is a quilt shop there.  LOL!

I finished pin basting my quilt. It's ready for machine quilting, which will have to wait till we get back.  Here's a sneak peak.   This photo is pre-pin basting so lots of wrinkles there..

  Speaking of pin basting - how close together to you put your pins?   I do them every 3 inches or so.  I just don't want to risk any puckers, and well, if I'm on the hard floor anyways, I may as well do some extras.    Also, where do you do your basting?  Table? Carpet?  Floor?   I do mine on the hardwoord floor.  I've heard it's not the greatest place because eventually you'll get nicks in your floor.   But I find the carpet does feel as solid and taut as when I do it on the hardwood floor.   

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I don't do well with spontaneous plans either! So much work - though, I have been to Banff. It's so beautiful!

    I baste on the kitchen, linoleum floor, that I don't care about! My pins are usually 5-6 inches apart.

    I love the solids in your quilt!!

  2. Um yeah, spontaneous plans, kind of a headache, but usually turn into good memories.

    I LOVE this quilt! Are the little boxes appliqued on?

    I baste on the carpet, but that's only because it's the only space I've got, or if the quilt is a mini one on my table. I also pin about 3" apart, for the same reasons you said.

  3. Have fun in Banff. We were there last weekend, but for a dance competition and didn't get to see outside much. Stop at the quilt shop in Canmore....beautiful shop.
    I usually pin 3" apart too and on the carpet as the hardwood is kind of new! I plan to get in the garden this weekend which has been neglected with all my sewing!

  4. Anonymous 7:46 AM

    My pins are usually 6" apart because I don't have enough pins to do more LOL. I lay it out on the living room floor (rug). My great aunt has a HUGE wooden quilting thing to stretch the quilt out on that my great uncle built. It is awesome and I would love dh to build me one but ... did I mention that it is HUGE??

    (and I would love it if my dh spontaneously suggested anything other than cleaning something... have a great trip)

  5. i LOVE the quilt! it's gorgeous!!! i baste on my tile floor in the basement. it was actually part of the selling point of our house. it has room to baste a KING size quilt on it. not many houses have that. :) i usually place my pins about a hand width apart. but it varies...

    hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I'm loving this quilt. I baste carefully on the carpet, my only free space, and place pins about 6-8 inches apart. I haven't had much trouble with puckers yet.


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