Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I need some sewing mojo.   I've got 4 projects on my sewing table cut out and ready to piece.   I've got some vintage fq's that are on their way in the mail.

Where is Andrea?   Puttering, in the garden, at the television, with the kids, on the bikes, in the sandbox, on the computer.   I should be downstairs in my cave sewing.   I can't even say that it's been so busy that I haven't the time to sew.   I'm coming to the realization that I'm just not a mass production sewist.  

My goal this week is to finish piecing my Kaufman chambray cottons quilt.  The  fabric is divine.   But how would you know?   I've been MIA for the last 2 weeks. 

Don't lose track of me.  I'll be there soon.  


  1. I have dry spells, too. I don't let it bother me. This is supposed to be fun, right? It's not work or chores, and I don't want to make it feel that way. So I don't- I just enjoy it or I stop. Unless, like this week, I have a deadline (a wedding this weekend) and I HAVE to finish the dang thing.

    I always have a ton of projects going on at the same time- it is more stimulating for me that way. This week I have 2 quilts going (that I am supposed to have ready to give away this weekend), but there are several more in various stages of completion, plus there's the bag with 6 quilt tops in it, and also the basted quilt that I am supposed to be hand quilting and haven't put in one lousy stitch... and the ones in my head?!! Only about 15 or 20. LOL! We creative types are allowed to be this way, though- artistic license or something like that.

    I will be waiting for pictures of the chambray quilt! :0)

  2. If you actually want to quilt, go for it! But I do think most people slow down in quilting at this time of year.

  3. No need for explanations! If you already have the cutting done though sewing should be fun :) can't wait to see!

  4. Do it when you WANT to do it! After a long winter it's a pleasure to get one's hands (or at least a trowel) back in the earth and smell green things; and playing with the kids has a whole separate set of rewards.

    When you're ready to hibernate again we'll be here (and thrilled no doubt!) to see the results.

  5. No worries. We all have "sewing block". I'm in one right now as we speak. I have a applique quilt that all I need to do to finish it is half of the quilting and the binding. Yet it's been sitting on my table for weeks. Sigh. You'll get back in the sewing groove soon.

    Ditto on the production sewist though. Aahh too much stress, not enough enjoyment.


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