Sunday, June 14, 2009

My crochet career...

My crochet career ended very very quickly.  I was easily reminded at how my poor fingers don't like it.  Good thing I only bought one skein of cotton for $1  ;-)  I barely finished the second row and pulled the plug on it.  

In other craft news, I've been slowly working away at my traditional quilt.  It has lots of little pieces which require lots of little bits of sewing, which requires lots of little bits of ironing.  I'm
almost there however.  It's a double nine patch mixed with a nine patch.  These little blue and white pieces are wee.   I'm making this for my mil, it's navy white, with cranberry and white.  My husband picked out the pattern, and he's very traditional and homey.  I'm very not.  LOL!
I think that's why this project is getting dibbled and dabbled upon. 

In other awesome news, we were able to score decent fares for our flights to Myrtle Beach, SC in July!  My mil and fil live in Pawley's Island, so we have a great place to stay that's very close to the beach, and a convenient holiday for us... plus the kids get to see grammy and papa (and us too!)  Grammy is battling cancer right now, so before she goes into her big stem cell treatments, we want to see her before things get kinda ugly for her.  Hopefully a good dose of her grandkids will give her lots of strength for August!

You know I have it bad when I've been searching for quilt shops in the SC area already. 

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  1. You can now join the i-don't-like-crotchet club. Its very exclusive. :) I like it once I'm doing it and then I forget how about an hour afterwards and have to relearn. Its a vicious cycle. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison


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