Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Progress

Katie Jump Rope Quilt  (aka, Ethan's Design)  is almost done.   It's a very easy quilt, and is baby size, but it's been a busy week.  Life comes first, and then quilting.  bah!
I'm experimenting with several things in this quilt - making up my own blocks, spray basting, a different kind of batting (thin poly blend I had from my stash) and machine sewing the binding.

I'll let you know what happens.


  1. Cute quilt! and kudos to you for trying new things!! that fabric line is so cute!

  2. Awesome pattern designer you have in your house:)He did a great job!Love the fabrics as well! This will be a well loved baby quilt for sure!

  3. Really cute! I hope you do a tutorial!

  4. What a great interpretation... But I see pattern in there.

  5. Love the quilt! And good luck with your experimentation! I just did some experimenting with machine stitching binding and using stash was interesting to say the least :) ps I love your blog!

  6. is looking good! I don't have any Denise Schmidt fabric, but Katie Jump Rope has been calling my name. It looks so good in your quilt!

    Do you like the spray basting? I have never used it.

  7. this is so the name too!
    I think it's awesome when mom's take their child's drawings and create something that will last a lifetime with it - one day...*sigh*


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