Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vancouver 2010

I saw this video today, and totally cried my eyes out.  It's my home.  Some people wonder what makes it more special than any place else?   Why would I want to move back home?  Well, here it is....

Yes, there's lots of rain, but truly, it's like this. One cannot, however, embed the smell of the trees, clean air and the ocean in this video.
15 more days until the Olympics!!


  1. I can see why that brought a tear to your eye. Great video, proud to be Canadian eh!

  2. Oh boy, no wonder you're homesick! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a someday-transfer-back.

  3. Great Video! It is a beautiful place, spent a year living in North Van. there was so much to see and do - we had great adventures exploring that year and we go back often to do more! Can't wait for the Olympics!

  4. that video expresses my exact feelings about BC. i've lived in BC my whole life and i just love it!! thanks for posting the video.

  5. very cool Andrea...looks like a great place.


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