Sunday, January 10, 2010

In beginning the design process

In part of my year long Simply Solids Project, I picked up an inexpensive box of pencil crayons and squared paper notebook from the art shop. I love how the notebook (from Europe) states it's actual carbon footprint. How cool is that?

Because I'm beginner, I'm going to make up my design blocks in my notebook. I could use some fancy software, but frankly, I'm simple, and pencil crayons will be just fine for now.

I'm publicly stating my project now...this is big for me. Again, getting out of my comfort zone, and challenging myself to have confidence! 2010 is the beginning of a GREAT decade.


  1. This is exactly how I design all my quilts. I also keep a binder with scribbles that I want to someday expand on, plus pictures of quilts from magazines, pictures of colors combos I like, just a basic inspiration book. I tape or paste stuff in it just like my kids. :0)

  2. Hi Andrea, I was behind a few posts...ooooh to move to Victoria would be the BEST!! I feel for though it's +10 here and I'm loving it..
    This Kona solids idea is pretty neat. I recently purchased a bunch of solids in dupioni silks for my shop - you might want to check on (they will be online shortly) and I'm sure they will be a huge hit because like you said solids aren't in abundance :)
    One quilt per month hey...what size?
    I'm interested
    Take care

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilts this year with all the beautiful solid fabrics! Thanks for your comment on my little quilted bags, to answer your question about them some will be used as gifts likely filled with Bath & Bodyworks products :) some will be used for make up bags as my 16 yr. old. DD has lots of friends so some will be gifts for them. The treasure box bag out of Wonderland fabric I use to keep my cross stitch scissors and small supplies in - it's perfect for that purpose! I love making these little projects because you can use up small pieces from your stash and actually start and finish a project in a few hours :) Just a nice detour from a large quilt.
    On another note, I like your idea about using the notebook to draw out your ideas - excellent!

  4. Love your box of colors! They are much better than mine. Like I said, there are no ugly colors!

    Happy Coloring!


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