Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Olympic Torch!!

The Olympic Torch came through our community today...and I pulled my boys out of school and preschool (as well as 1/2 the schools!) to watch. We were so very lucky, we saw it go by twice! The second time, we were kind of stuck in traffic on the way home, and lo and behold, the traffic was stopped because it was going by! We had so much fun and felt so nostalgic. 30 more days! GO CANADA!!!!


  1. yahoo GO CANADA GO

  2. oh what fun!

    I remember seeing the Tour De France in Belgium when I was 16 and I still remember the excitement of the day!! glad your boys got to experience that!

  3. Go Canada Go!!! Can't wait until the Olympics start.

  4. We're doing that on Monday! I went to The Bay yesterday and picked up some Canada gear for the family.

  5. GO CANADA!! I can't wait for it to come through here next week!! YAY!!

  6. Such a fun memory! I remember seeing the torch come through our community on its way to the Atlanta Summer Olympics.

    Can't wait for the olympics to start. Winter Olympic sports are my favorite!


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