Saturday, January 09, 2010

On your marks, get set...

Phew! 160 strips are cut. I have 4 kinds of brown, 4 greys, 5 greens, and 2 reds. They are cut in various numbers, from 1" strips, 1.5" strips, and 1.75" strips.
Now for the fun - race car driving as I call it as I sew random strips together.

Yesterday, Suki and I reacquainted ourselves as I finished up my Christmas quilt (gasp!) We've been having a hard time figuring out tension and I may have mastered it now. I've tried numerous threads and finally found a needle size that seems to work. Then I had bobbin tension issues, so switched things up again. I *think* we may have found the right combination.

You know how so many people have many WIP's? I don't have any. ever. I do one project from start to finish. And then I do then next from start to finish. I think that may be a bit of my productivity problem as well. Perhaps I need a few projects on the go to give me variety.
1. Green with envy quilt
2. Chemo headscarf
3. Wonder Wallet
4. Perfect Pouch
These are projects that I'm going to start simulatneously.....

I have to say, that I am so thankful for your kindness and friendship. I know it's 'blogland' and we don't really 'know' each other, but your comments and support and friendship really means the world to me. Never forget how much a smile or a thoughtful comment can make a difference in someone's life... that's what someone once told me, and now I'm telling you. It made a world of difference in my week.
Thank you.

(We've dusted ourselves off and are back doing our things. It's just not the right time yet for us)


  1. Oh that pile of strips looks just lovely! I can't wait to see what turns into. I had to laugh at your WIP note. I'm the same way ... once I start a quilt I have to get it finished before I start another. I even have a hard time concentrating on fabric for my next project until I get the quilt out of the dryer and then clean up my house!

    Good luck on your simultaneous project goal. I hope it works out for you and maybe I'll try it this year too!

  2. Okay, is it just me who finds it funny that you think having multiple projects on the go equals productivity? You do what works for you.

    PS I am rather excited to see what those strips become.

    PPS For me, most of my quilting issues boil down to needle size. That's a lesson I've only learned recently too. If only I'd known...


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