Friday, January 08, 2010


You know when you get all excited to start a new year, and then... meh. It happens. You lose it. I think the point was when one of my favourite bloggers, Crazymomquilts, announced she was closing her blog. It was her unpaid full time job. It just stunned me. How could this be? What would my morning coffee routine be like now? I still go to her blog every morning thinking that maybe, maybe she changed her mind, or announced something bigger and better happening. it also made me realize, how insignificant blogging is - even when you do have 500 comments about your current posting. It just doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. So as I continue to blog, it's going to continue to be about ME, my life, and my quilting journey.

So, now the double whammy for me. The new year was extremely hopeful for our family. Yes, I have plans for quilting, which still continue, but there was a big push for us to relocate to Victoria, BC. Like, a BIG one. What a dream come true. It was so big, that we were advised by the VP and HR to get our house appraised, check out communities and developments to potentially move to and scout, propose financials of moving costs, taxes and fees, and that the finalization would occur end of this month. So big, that when the instigator pulled the carpet, okay RIPPED it out under our feet, we have tumbled and are dusting ourselves off. The originator of this plan wanted to move this way as his family was this way. The VP was completely for it and was drafting up all the documents for it. dh's VP was for it too. It was a step up for dh as well. Three days ago, the originator proposed the timeline (end of January) and all was a go. I kept saying, I won't believe it until I see the papers. seriously. I've been through this before last year. Yesterday afternoon, he yanks the idea - his daughter (17) and wife suddenly do not want to go. So the plan has collapsed. My guess is that the IDEA sounded lovely to the daughter and wife, but as it became more of a reality, they freaked.

So, I feel like a train wreck. and today, instead of spending countless hours preparing for a dream move and researching housing endlessly on the net, I'm hibernating in my cave and working on a quilt. Greens. Solids.

It's part of my solids year. This was one of my goals -
Simply Solids - a year in Kona Cotton Solid Quilts - my plan - to use all 221 solids throughout the year. I've done some preliminary letter writing, but I'm sure I'll get the 'no thanks' letters for samples of solids, colour charts, etc. so it will be not as big as I thought. This is my thinking right now, as I feel down and out about things. We can't get Kona's in abundance here in Canada. In fact, it's more like black, white, cream - if that. So, online shopping here I come. If anyone has ideas for me to acquire Kona's inexpensively, let me know.

I'll cheer up. I was just dreaming of my ocean view home, walking the dog on the beach, using my binoculars to watch the killer whales.... instead, here I am in -20, cold, dry, dirty, no greenery, chemical laden air, oil refinery land......


  1. I am so sorry to hear about this. I know you have been wanting to move for a long time. I hope your project cheers you up. Maybe you will get a book and movie out of it! Canada is definitely lacking in fabric. Sometimes I wonder how different I would be as a quilter if I had the same choices as the Americans.

  2. Andrea, I do not have a large supply of Kona, but I would be glad to send you some...also, Joann's stocks a dozen or more at my local store and I usually have at least 3 40% coupons a week...I could buy some for you??

    Let me know! So sorry to hear this crummy news to start the new year.

  3. Sorry your moving plans fizzled. I know what it is like to be on that roller coaster, it is not fun. I ran across this fabric shop the other day they have Kona solids for $4.95/yard USD. I also like the fabric from it is their own brand, but shipping rates are reasonable and quality good. chin up and go sew your sorrows away

  4. Hi, my heart goes out to you over this heart breaker. To bad, I have a sister that lives on Vancouver Island, has lived in Canada since she was 3...and we have not met! She is coming to Texas this spring to meet me and frolic in the bluebonnets! Sorry, I digress. Anyway, the real reason I wrote is to tell you I live in the states, and own a quilt shop. I have some Kona solids. How much of the colors are you wanting? Are you planning on a large project for each or maybe smaller? Do you have the Kona color chart? You know, to keep track of the colors? I am thinking we can work something out. I love my craft and my fabrics and love to share my toys! Please write back, you won't be sorry, k?
    Elaine...soggybottomflats on etsy

  5. Oh, I distinctly recall a relocation let-down of our own, too. It does take the wind out of our sails. I'm sorry.

    If you still need more ideas for Kona, I get mine from and it's $3.99 a yard.

    Your challenge to use them all this year sounds very intriguing, I'll be watching to see what you do!

  6. Oh, man! I can't imagine a teenager making all those adult's lives get all tossed up like that. My parents sort of just told me how things were and that's how they were. I guess times are different now. (Except not for my kids! LOL!) I wonder if they will switch back yet again?

    I am looking forward to all the yummy quilty goodness to come from you this year! I have no suggestions for the Kona deals, but it looks like you got a few already.

  7. Who can blame your thinking about Victoria with the winter being as heavy as it's been?!

    My Sewing Room here in Calgary has a tiny selection of the solids in colours. I think they sell for about $8/meter. Still cheaper than the rest of the fabric there, and everywhere in Canada.

  8. Sorry to hear about your change of plans!

    for your Kona collecting, this might be useful

    or this

    hope that helps!

  9. Anonymous 3:25 PM

    I am sorry to hear about the move falling through, being an Albertan too, I know how the idea of living in BC would be very welcome, especially in winter!!
    I am with you about crazymomquilts... I was heartbroken. I also read her blog everyday, her quilts have inspired me so often, I will miss her dearly.
    Having discovered your blog has helped soothe the wound. I will be interested to see your solids projects. Solids is not ny favorite, yet anyway,

  10. Sorry for the disappointment. I hope the blue cloud doesn't hang around too long....
    We are all missing Amanda Jean, do you think she's seeing the blog posts everywhere?


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