Sunday, February 07, 2010

A new use for my old toy...

So, I've had this little suitcase for 34 years. It was large enough to carry crayons or a lego stash for visits when I was young. I got it in Germany when I was 4, and have kept it in great condition all these years. I love the pink colour of the lining...and I think it would be adorable one day for my sewing room. For now, I filled it with a bunch of my collection of solids...recently my bloggy friend Jenny and I did a swap - I sent her some fq's of FleaMarket Fancy, and in return, I received a delicious assortment of colours to add to my collection for the year! Thanks Jenny!!

My February solids quilt is almost done! I've had a very busy week, and even though the kids had a few days off last week, it was taken up by sniffles and kids demanding my attention. (the nerve!) Today we are hosting a superbowl party...funny because I know nothing about football, but hey...the food is always fun!

In other news, I received really exciting (like omg dancing with excitement news like a little girl who just found out she's going to meet one of the Jonas brothers) news. I'll let you know in a few weeks - it's not that huge in the grand scheme of things, but for ME it's huge! It's quilty related so I'll be sure to let you know!


  1. Sweet! I love it when you can usefully incorporate old childhood items into your current life. Congrats on your exciting news!

  2. oh how exciting...can't wait to hear the news.

  3. I have a small suitcase like that, too. I got mine at a thrift store when I was in high school and I have always used it to store my nail polish. Mine has a funky black on white floral print and I have never seen another one, although I have looked. I wish mine was in the condition yours is!

    My hubby is watching the Superbowl now, and I am watching the commercials. I bet your food is better than ours- we just had Subway and chips.

    And what IS your big news?? I'll be waiting!

  4. oh, love that luggage andrea! (is sure beats the shoe box i am using) and thank YOU for the swap. im loving my fmf and already cut some pieces for the color wheel!


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