Sunday, February 07, 2010

Workshop in Progress...

I need help.
I love my solids projects...okay I love designing and coming up with a plan, but when it comes to fruition I start to hate it. So, as I'm organizing the blocks in my quilt, I get a few rows done and realize - yuck. I think it's the white I hate.

Do I change the white blocks to another solid, like black or charcoal? OR do I trash them completely and put all the coloured blocks together as I did near the bottom? or do I keep the white and keep going?

Ugh. I hate when I get to this point. I think I'm using too many colours.

If this is the rate my solids are going, I'm ditching the project and getting me some Moda love.



  1. I think the white has to go. Try a nice gray or paler charcoal.

  2. Um, I really like the white. But if it seems too much for you, try Kona ash. I think either of those are a nice place to rest your eyes. Personally I don't like all the colors together on the bottom as much...

  3. I really like what you're working with. I think I prefer the blocks together, like at the bottom. Maybe something that size 2x4, framed by charcoal, black or a lighter gray, etc.

  4. Everyone has their own opinion. I actually like the white, with some of the blocks all together, just the way you have it laid out.

  5. I would get rid of the white and use black or either a zingy lime green!

  6. First of all, don't QUIT! I am enjoying watching your progress too much.

    I think with the white in it, it looks more "generic". But I do like it that way- I like a lot of white.

    I was going to agree with the person who said to lay it out like on the bottom where they are pushed together, but then I read the lime green suggestion by quiltilicious. I love that idea! Maybe because I love lime green, but orange or another wild color would be fun, too. Although it looks like you have orange in there already.

    Or, could you make them into squares- do five of the individual strips make a square? Then alternate the squares with the way the colors are running: up/down, across, up/down, across. (Does that make sense?)

    I really like the idea of the colors standing alone without anything to break them up.

  7. I also have issues with not liking what I start... so I probably shouldn't be giving you any suggestions :-) But ok, you twisted my arm! ;) I like the white blocks better than the all colored blocks.
    Maybe use the all-colored blocks to frame the white ones around the edge. Again, I'm awful with making decisions like this so put too much trust in me~ Good luck - great start!

  8. How about organizing it by color density? Start with the lower left full of color blocks, and then gradually introduce more white pieces as you go up toward the right, until the upper right is all white? It would be asymmetrical and interesting. I like all the colors, but the eye does need somewhere to rest. Don't give up!

  9. Elizabeth's idea could look really good, I like that.

    However I agree with most of the others that I prefer the density of the colours without the white.

    They remind me of those wooden counting blocks you used to be able to get - there must be a name for those!

  10. Love this pattern, and I will like the quilt either way, with or without white. Usually I like a little white to spark off the other colors, but without the white would have that Amish quilt appeal and be gorgeous too.

  11. I like a little white but I agree that this looks like...a lot. I'd be tempted to use the colored blocks and perhaps sash in white? Or as others suggested, use ash or a bright for the larger rectangles. Don't quit yet, there are loads of other things to do with those solids!

  12. Poor thing...don't despair, we've all been there :-)

    Don't get rid of the white, and don't add in the blocks with all of the color, save those for another project. In addition to using the white, try substituting some of the white blocks with palest Kona solids you have (yellow, blue, green, gray, etc.) That way you will have some variety and depth, but not loose the effect. That's what I would do, for whatever it's worth. Keep going! I'm cheering for your, and your year of solid project!


  13. Anonymous 3:33 PM

    I was thinking of something like Elizabeth's idea, although going from top to bottom. However I prefer the diagonal idea better now!

    But if you're really struggling, maybe put it aside for a bit then come back to it with fresh eyes.

  14. Anonymous 7:41 PM

    Hey babe,

    I think the issue you have with the white is that you have picked such pure full colours and the white has no substance next to them. However if you eliminate the white altogether you're probably going to find that the quilt comes out looking like a 1970's hot mess of clutter. You need those breathing spaces, but with the same tonal weight as the colours you've picked. So, like you said - charcoal.

    My other idea is a little left field - if you do want to keep white to keep it looking fresh, you need to reduce the amount of impact it has - I'd try replacing a couple of the small colour squares with white.

  15. My first thoughts were not to lose the white at all. I too saw a gradiation from a lot of white on top to less and less as you move down the quilt. The Elizabeth and others suggested the same thing. If it's bugging you that much, don't be afraid to set it aside for a bit and try something new.

  16. Don't ditch the project! Remember the book offers! ;-) I am here for morale support only. I was never a white person until crazymomquilts blog and I do like the white here. I have seen a couple of quilts that have used a pale blue as a background/sashing fabric and I think I will try it sometime.

  17. Hey Andrea, I think I would keep the white, you could showcase some cool quilting design inside, I like it just the way you've designed it!!


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