Thursday, February 11, 2010


Thank you so much to all of your suggestions and comments. I'm totally blown away. It's amazing how many different suggestions there were, and how (happily) divided we were in our opinions! Love that!

I took a day or two off from the colours and said hello again last night. I finally caved and made a makeshift design wall in the spare bedroom * gasp! There are 6 pinholes in my wall now!! anyone grow up in a household where one was never supposed to put pins in the wall??? yup, me!
The design wall made a huge difference in plunking blocks here and there. I've tried the scattered white, gradation, no white, pale blocks, black blocks, charcoal blocks, pastel blocks. I think my design is just evolving, I'm afraid. I came to this last night, and it will likely be charcoal or black sashing. I really wanted to stay away from the comfort zone of black. It's just so typical, and I didn't want typical. It's not cut and done yet maybe I'll let it rest another day.

My next load of fabrics came in, I tried to pick modern neutrals, and I have a plan to do wonky rectangles for this one.
Hope everyone is enjoying the week!


  1. love the block you have come up you have any KJR stripes left? that could be a neat sashing...definitely not comfort zone!...oops, you are in a solid year though, huh...

  2. Sashing, really? Not a judgement, just surprise. I didn't see that coming. When I made comments on the last post I assumed that you were laying out the blocks side by side. Interesting, very interesting.

  3. I really your stack of new fabrics. And I like the idea of charcoal sashing for the bright colors. I think they will pop. They are great blocks, BTW.

  4. I just love what you are doing with all of the solid fabric! Very modern...but also classic.

    You are really making it hard for me to resist buying some solids!

    Can't wait for the Olympics to start!

  5. Well done doing a design wall! I need to make a few pin-holes in my wall too!
    I kind of thought the blocks would look great without sashing, OR with JUST horizontal strips of sashing, not vertical. (or visaversa) But you can decide that later. I think I'twill be fabulous no matter what you decide!

  6. Hi Andrea,
    I've never worked with solids before and now I think you've got me started on something. I love the look of yours. I also love the new stack that just arrived!! Can't wait to see what you do with that.
    Take care,
    ps...every time I go into a Tim Horton's I can't help but think about a double/double!!!

  7. my parents were the same way about pin holes! Now I hammer away to my heart's content :)


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