Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thoughts on the ceremony...

It was very Canadian. Mellow, unassuming, beautiful.
Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams - too hollywood for me (lipsyncing was evident too) (how on earth could she even stand in those shoes?) and paled in musicianship to KD Lang.

Oh my goodness KD Lang's voice just haunted me and gave me chills. No lip syncing there! Just so unassuming, audience embracing and captures our souls with her voice.

The poet Shane Koyczan from the Northwest Territory - honestly, I've never heard of him, but he resonated Canadian culture through and through. What a proud moment to hear his poem.
What an incredible speaker, writer and representation of a Canadian.

The hologram shows were stunnning and beautiful.

The final torch bearer to light the Olympic flame - meh... Gretzky. It wasn't who I thought it would be, and it wasn't as magical. But I guess he is the 'Great One' in hockey land. Moving to the US way back when is still a little bit of a dagger to many Canadians here. Don't get me wrong, I'd move to the US (certain parts) if I could.... if I would have the healthcare plan as I do here!

My thoughts on Gretzy's lighting of the outside cauldron - sheesh! So much money put into the performance of the ceremonies, and the poor guy had ONE police car escorting him? Did you see the people racing alongside the truck? I thought he was going to get pulled down! ;-)

Onwards - onto quilt posts again!


  1. I thought the ceremonies were wonderful.. and while not a KD fan ~ I agree she has an amazing voice and sounded great. I loved the special effects ~ especially the whales

  2. I've only seen parts of the ceremonies. But I agree with you on Nelly Furtado. I kept wondering how she even moved in that dress AND kept her balance on those shoes. Who were you hoping would light the torch? I hope the downhill skiers actually get to compete...

  3. Let the games begin...(and the quilting!)

  4. I sent this to my sister, who lives in Port Alberni, and she loved it...
    Happy day, Elaine

  5. Hey Andrea, thanks for the bit of a re-cap on the ceremonies, I missed it and I would have felt so spiritual watching the ceremonies - you did describe it well so thanks..
    Onwards to sewing and quilting YAY!!

  6. Funny, I'm a big fan of Bryan Adams (love his song writing) but I really did NOT enjoy the Bryan/Nelly performance. Then again I really don't like Nelly's singing or her stage persona (i'm sure she is a lovely person in real life). The hologram's were amazing.
    The torch lighting for me was anti-climatic. sigh.


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