Monday, February 15, 2010


Pronounce the u's like oo in book in -ook-shook.
I've been eyeing this for quite awhile. It's from Costco (I love that place!). My dearest predictably surprised me with this yesterday after we spoke about it while watching the Olympic opening ceremonies.

It is made from stone, and is just so beautiful the way it captures the light.

Inukshuk is a stone figure shaped in the image of man to guide lonely travellers in Northern Canada. They point the best and safest passage, land or water.

You will notice the Inukshuk in some of the Olympic signage....

Thank you honey...I love it to bits. I know it's perfect for us and is pointing the direction home!


  1. Oh, this is fabulous! I wonder if they carry it here in California. I'll have to check. When we go to the lack we often stack rocks up like that. And thanks for posting the name for it. I'm always forgetting it...

  2. What a lovely, thoughtful gift! I really love the way that it catches the light. Thanks for sharing the story with us.

  3. Love seeing all the Canadian symbolism during the Olympics. Didn't see much today as I was at the soccer dome on the opposite end of the city, twice today!

  4. Oh, isn't he neat! Is that limestone? In that wonderful light it almost looks like sea glass. What a terrific addition he'll be to your garden! The local natives here in New England used to make towers of flat stones to mark special places; there are few left today.

  5. Thank you for explaining that! I've been noticing the signs and wondering about them.

    Love yours, the light makes it so cool.

  6. lucky lady!!!

  7. SO cool.. i keep meaning to look up what it means, but i've been too busy watching olympics... thank you!

  8. Beautiful! Where did you find the stones?

  9. THANK YOU! Louie and I noticed these ALL over Canada when we were there last week. We drove across the bottom of Canada from Wisconsin to New York and saw these figures EVERYWHERE. We all had guesses of what they were, but now I know, thanks to you.

    Good to hear from you!


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