Monday, February 22, 2010


So. I have been busy. And I have a million thoughts going on in my head. Again.
Like.... will my living/family room ever be free of dinosaurs, lego, trains, kidstuff?
Will my kids ever opt to wear clothes in the middle of the day?

I made a cover for my itouch and my new camera. My husband says they are very 'Andrea'. What is that supposed to mean? (paranoia has set in over that comment)

I've discovered that not only am I NOT a clothing sewer, I am not good at little projects (like itouch covers) My excuse? I didn't use a pattern. This time.

I'll stick to quilts, I guess. My little project is done, just need to get the binding sewn on, and then I can share more. And it's patterned, because that's what it is. My solids goal is still there. But hey, when I'm given free fabric...I'll take it.

Will his teeth always look that big in his little mouth? Good grief, he really needs a haircut.

I love and hate blogging. I love to document what I've been up to, but I don't love how it sucks you really, do I plan on getting famous and appearing on Oprah over my itouch cover? Nope. I see some bloggers really making things happen and getting 'known'. But how known are they. Really? I think of crazymomquilts, and how popular in the blogging world she was, but really, if she quit the blogging world, was all the blogging effort worth it after all?

If I were a cat, would it really matter?
I dream of a career in quilting - somehow working with textile companies as a rep or distributor or SOMETHING to keep me in touch with my love for textiles. But then I job as an elementary teacher, as a music teacher is far more rewarding salary wise, vacation wise, pension wise, and of course I love the kids. Except when they fart near me.

Just kind of wrapped up in a million things right now. And that's only the stuff I'm able to talk about in my household, there's always plans unfolding and in the works and I sure don't want to jinx it.


  1. Wow, that WAS a lot thoughts. I so relate to everything you said. About blogging and does it matter. I have been struggling with the very same thing, beating myself up because I'm not a famous quilting blogger. How did they get to the point? Why can't I be like them? Uh...because I'm not. I'm me. And that's okay. Most of the time. But yeah, I sometimes still wish I was one of "them," the well-known ones.

  2. I think we were separated at birth! I am going through the same things right now. I love blogging except for the matter of picture taking. I am not very good at taking pictures and feel it is a new hobby I need to learn if I want to have a good blog. I too have dreamed about a career in quilting, but feel that my present career is better for the time being. My son has needed a haircut for 3 weeks now. He finally got it done on the weekend. I was embarassed about him being at school with his hair. Good luck with your plans, and know that we are rooting for you.

  3. You know how to get rid of that mess? Big garbage bag. The kids will scream bloody murder and eventually you do have to go through it, but for a while... ahhhhh... complete order. In one room, anyway. If you have enough garbage bags, you can clean the WHOLE HOUSE!

    I don't mind not being a famous blogger. I never set out with that in mind, but I can see where it helps if you are looking for a career in fabric. I don't think you NEED a blog for the career, though. I think of my blog as a diary of my growth as a quilter and as a way to connect with people who have a little more modern outlook on quilting than the local guild. If I ever do end up with a career involving quilting, I think it will be having a fabric store. Either online or an actual storefront, or maybe both.

    And my boys need haircuts, too. It must be an epidemic! LOL!

    What is the fabric you used in the strips in that quilt? It looks soft.

    (Ok, I think my responses are out of order. But I'm not re-typing.)

  4. Great post! I can relate to ALL of it!

    Thanks for sharing w/us.

  5. I enjoyed giggling as I read your blog because I too, can relate! I homeschool our kids and so often I will sit down with my kiddos at lunch and they will still be in their pjs-where did the time go? Maybe you should get dressed:)?!

    And the toys-a never ending joy and pain! I try and think ahead to how I will miss these "little years."

    I have those feeling about blogging, but then I remember I started this journey mostly as a way to remember the things I do not want to forget-things that make me thankful and help friends and family feel connected and to connect with others who share common interests. You do inspire and bring smiles to others! I enjoy reading your thoughts!

    I love the cozy and the quilt, they look fantastic!!

  6. andrea, we are true kindered spirits. i guess at least it is good to know I am not alone in lots of these thoughts. i hope a desired career is not contingent on a good blog, I do not enjoy blogging very much. never seems to be time.

  7. "If I were a cat, would it really matter?" is the answer to all of life's questions.

  8. THIS is why blogging is great. You can send these million thoughts out into the cosmo's and SOMEONE will care. :) SOMEONE will relate. It feels good to be heard.

    I did a video post the other day and it was so quick and easy. It just might become the new norm for me. All the writing and picture taking wears on me.

  9. Anonymous 7:21 PM

    My kids need haircuts and hate wearing clothes. We do, however, have a strict rule about at least having underpants on at the table. Oh, and I noticed I haven't posted in a week. Thanks for sharing.


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