Friday, February 26, 2010

Be one of them too...

Today I was one of them.

Foreshadow quote "You sure picked a great lineup today, didn't you hon"

I went with my youngest for a jaunt to my oh so guilty shopping at the big box Blue and Yellow store. You know, the one that you know the politics and ethics of the company are quite icky? I go there because, well, on one income, I really need to watch what I spend and I save money there. So, I do.

Ham was on sale for $8.77, wahoo, on the main display aisle, so I picked one up and was on my way.

Went to the checkout (first in line yahoo!) and put all the stuff on the counter. Watching what scans as what price, especially boots on clearance for ds for $3.00 wanted to make sure that went through as $3.00 and not 24. $3.00? for boots? I know.

Ham was a problem. It scanned through for 9.47 , not 8.77. I'm cool. Ask her what it scanned as and mentioned that it's posted as a different price IN THE AISLE DISPLAY DIAGONALLY FROM HER. It's blatantly posted there. In big numbers. She still needs to phone and get a verification of the price check. *blink. blink*
*understand that at this point, there is a woman with her two younger girls now lined up behind me with a crap load of stuff on the counter.

So, her phone P.A system doesn't work. She needs to go to a different phone. One 4 paces in front of her. STILL A MERE 30 PACES FROM HAM DISPLAY

As I'm waiting, ds needs to go to the bathroom. Of course. In a plight of bravery I send him on his own (he's 4) to the's right in front of us and I could whip my cart yell at anyone there from where I was.

All this going on, me being nice and letsnotgetanyoneupsetandrea personality tells her to cancel the ham and put through the other people's orders while I'm waiting.

*there are now 5 people lined up behind me.
As I'm waiting and laserbeaming ds to emerge from the bathroom, I look down at the counter to read something about scanning code of practice. Have you heard of this?

Scanning Code of Practice If the scanned price of a non-price item is higher than the shelf price or any other displayed price, the customer is entitled to receive the first item free, up to a $10 maximum. If a Code of Practice problem cannot be resolved at the store level, please call 1-866-499-4599 to register your complaint.

Finally, finally someone calls back to verify, that yes, indeed they are the price I said they are.
*blink* *blink* ('s right in front of us)

And yes... I, at this point, am ONE OF THEM. The person who makes the cashier give my 50 cents back if I am overcharged. But it gets even better. I point to the scanning code of practice sign on HER counter and say I'd like to use this please.
Now she's the one who does the *blink* blink*. She's never heard of it. It's right on her counter. And on the one 4 paces away that she goes to verify.

And this is when I heard You sure picked a great lineup today, didn't you hon from someone way back in the lineup.

If anyone knows me, I am not one to want attention, I'm shy, I just want to blend in.
Blend in I did not today.

But I did respond to the comment. I replied quietly blushing red in the face, eyes glued to the ground
I'm really sorry about the wait. But the price was wrong, and now instead of saving 50 cents, I saved nine dollars. Ham dinner is free tonight!

And she gave me an encouraging smile and said - make sure you go to DQ (ice cream) for dessert then tonight!

So...I'm not sure if Scanning Code of Practice occurss in the USA, but it definately occurs in Canada....CHECK your scanned prices!! Even if something is two cents difference, you will get the item free!


  1. Good for you!! My first instinct is always to just say never mind and hurry along and then I kick myself later. I'm glad you stuck to your guns and got your ham!

  2. If you don't stand up for yourself your rights will get squashed. Sometimes it's a ham, sometime's it's your mortgage(I was on a first-name basis with the bank's VP when we bought our home, long story). Good for you for not backing down, Andrea! You should get something special for dessert - maybe for the kids, maybe for *you*!!

  3. Cool! I love that you spoke up, to the cashier and the RUDE person.
    Hurray for the shy momma!


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