Sunday, February 28, 2010

In Between Periods...

I was working on this...

I love love LOVE these colours. It's a simple design, no special pattern. Sashing vertically and horizontally, and then I think I will frame it with a few rectangle borders to mimic the inside blocks.

What a nailbiting, fight to the end, game. That's exactly how good hockey should be. None of this 9-0 scoring stuff, or no scoring for an entire period. I love me a close, high blood pressure game. What a perfect way to end 3rd period with a tie it up score during those last seconds. Awesome. It could have gone either way at the end, but in the end, let me tell you - what a grand feeling to win that battle. Congrats to USA, and thank you for making it such a nerve wracking experience! Personally, I could care less about the medals we've's the incredible Canadian spirit, excitement and patriotism these games have drummed up!

Closing ceremonies tonight...and then what?
Ah yes, SPRING and gardening!! Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself on that one...


  1. I love your "Martha" quilt! The colors blend nicely together. Kona cottons..right?

    Simple design-simple beauty!

    And was truly a great game, just the way a true match-up should be.

  2. The new quilt looks fabulous, can't wait to see the final reveal. Yum!

    You're right, what a great game - and it *should* go to Canada (c'mon, it's hockey!), but I'm thrilled that it was exciting getting there!

  3. it was a great game! I started a project at the beginning of the game, but then couldn't sit still for the end. I love the sublte colours of this quilt, looks great. No Olympics now what will we do?

  4. Gorgeous quilt top!! I adore those colors - so relaxing :-)

    And I don't really care much for Hockey but I'm glad Canada won... it IS their sport, right? Wouldn't want riots in the olympic village streets now would we?? ;-)

    I can't wait for spring... I want to see buds on trees pronto!

  5. Oh, wasn't it a game?!

    This quilt is turning out great, just great. I like your border idea.

  6. I love the colors and design of your quilt. Did you come up with this yourself? I tried to quilt once upon a time and got very overwhelmed. This is so beautiful! Will it be for sale soon?


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