Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bee Blocks

Our group also decided to make signature blocks (our choice) for the back. Here is what I came up with:

Don't look too closely at my work.
1. I've never ever done a triangle block before, I'm a square girl.
2. I've never made a pinwheel before.
3. I've never embroidered my name before (all i know is thank goodness I didn't have my 13 letter maiden last name to do)

So, here's what I noticed when making a triangle block. I think it's called an HST (half square triangle) After I draw the diagonal line on my square, I need to stitch 1/4" on either side of that line. My quilting foot didn't like that (it has that fabric guide which wants to bunch up any fabric on the right of the foot) and I had to change presser feet and use the little guide line on my sewing plate. This was difficult because the fabric of the square was covering the plate markings so I really had to guesstimate.

Any solutions about that one? I'm thinking of yanking off the little fabric guide thingy on my juki 1/4" foot. I actually don't like the guide part of the foot either because it kind of distorts the 1/4" seam slightly larger (I think)


  1. You should be able to get a 1/4 inch foot without the guide. Then, you run the edge of the foot against your drawn line, and it's easy.

    You could also get "the angler II" which is a plastic guide that goes on the base of your sewing machine and has lines you can see outside your piece of fabric. You don't have to draw a line when you're using that. It's great if your doing lots of HST's.


  2. Shh, but I totally eyeball HSTs. The one thing that helps me is that my Pfaff has an even feed feature. So, as long as I start out straight and don't move my fabric it sews a straight line for me.

    Good for you for branching out. I can't believe you've never done triangles before!

  3. i have this really skinny ruler..not even sure the purpose, but it's a 1/2 inch i usually draw two lines for my HSTs and sew ON the two lines. otherwise, im a complete maniac trying to sew 1/4 inch from the center line!

    good luck, i love whirly gigs...its on my to do list.

  4. What beautiful blocks. I have a Janome and my 1/4 foot is too big too. I use my regular foot and I have an Angler II that I keep on my sewing machine. I just saw recently on a blog that someone removed the guide along their 1/4 inch foot, and then used it. Even though I have the angler, I still like marking my lines. I bought myself a Half-Square & Quarter-Square Triangles Ruler by June Tailor. I found it really helpful.

  5. Andrea I did remove the guide on my Janome 1/4 foot and found it easier. I also found that you can use the screw-in cloth guide up against the foot for a guide that is larger. Lastly, the EZ HST and QST rulers are fantastic. I just took a course that demoed these two rulers. They are inexpensive and are very useful and do not waste fabric OR require drawing lines. I bought them today and highly recommend them! How is Suki doing? I hope you two are bonding well.

  6. It's my understanding that when using the 1/4" foot you need to move your needle over so that you're 3.3 left of center. That's known as a skimpy 1/4" seam. Don't shove the fabric right up again the fabric guide ... you'll be happier maybe.

  7. i have a juki too and i find the guide on the 1/4" foot is only REALLY good when it's on the edge of a 'clean cut' fabric. if there are any kinds of stray threads, then they get caught up and tend to bunch up the sewn part.
    i never thought about it - until i read dresden quilter's comment - about trying to remove the guide... for thought??

    love your blog,


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