Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Colours You Avoid because...

In my quest to use as many Solids as I can this year... I've been looking at this hunter green colour that just frightens me. It screams 80's. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. My guess is that it will end up in some kind of last ditch effort in a Christmas quilt. LOL

So then I was thinking... what colour do you avoid because it's dated or ugly or too hard to 'go' with other colours?

My challenge is going to be transforming the unpopular colours and trying to combine them to make them a contemporary style quilt - make them in vogue again.

I'd love to hear what your colour fear or avoidance is!

Thanks so much for the kind comments on my ModaBakeShop appearance! I love how supportive we all are of each other - I'll never forget that. I hope I can be the same to you as you are to me....


  1. Some of the really bright yellows I struggle with

  2. I love all colors, but I guess yellow is the one I avoid.

    I think the hunter green would look great paired with turquoise.

  3. Definitely a Christmas quilt, and if you add a limey green and red Christmas print, and maybe a darker red as well, it could become 2010 instead of '80s.

  4. I have been picking up solids at JoAnns here in the US when they are on sale (since they are same as quilt store ones)... I thought the same thing the other day when I got two different maroon/burgundy tones I will have to follow up and look at your responses. I would put the green with a cognac and maybe some quilters tweeds for a simple/modern and mascquiline(sp?) quilt.

  5. Oh, ouch, ouch, ouch! Hunter green is one of my favorite colors, paired with maroon, gold, more shades of green, white,....quilts are supposed to be multicolored, and some are even scrappy! I have a hard time with orange, but I have a lot of orange foo foos in my kitchen...go figure!
    Be blessed!

  6. I would echo the comment about pairing the hunter green with turquoise/aqua and maybe add some lighter greens.

    Interesting that others avoid yellow. That's an old quilting legend, I think.

    I tend to avoid white, of all things. But not always, my latest project has loads of it!

  7. reorganizing my stash im guessing i avoid yellow and purple because i have NO fabric to speak of of those colors. i like the idea of trying hunter green with aqua/gold/maroon...ill be watching to see what happens

  8. Anonymous 5:11 PM

    I can't do . . .

    Peach - in the 80's I painted my walls pale peach with grey carpets and a hunter green sofa. It was awesome . . . and I'm not going back there.

  9. The turquoise/aqua and magenta combination from the late 80s/early 90s. Ulgh. I just can't do it, particularly when it's paired with black.

  10. I don't do hunter green and maroon. I think I could probably use both of those colors with many others and be ok. Of course, earlier in the year, I would have told you I didn't do bright pink. I think now it depends on the pink.

  11. Interesting question you pose; I avoid navy blue, hunter green, and purple (as alot of quilters do apparently. I think the dark blue and green are quite dated, oh and maroon :-) but I'm SURE there are ways to make them fun and modern... just haven't attempted to figure it out yet... cheers!

  12. LOL because I also avoid Hunter Green because it also reminds me of the 80s!!!!!Yuck!!!...and I don't even know what color you would pair it up with, so I am curious to see what you use.

    (I am always a fan of yours...:0)

  13. I will avoid peach at all costs and yes hunter green. I can see what others are saying about hunter green working with lighter greens and blues but really I think peach is just a sad, sad color.

  14. Not really sure which colour i avoid, maybe grey as it reminds me of drab weather days. I know some use it alot. As for your hunter green, how about with a dark red, cheddar yellow, a neutral, blue!

  15. I have never liked peach. As for neutrals, I have always been an ecru and brown kind of gal rather than white and black.

  16. Hey Andrea, I'm not sure if I "avoid" any colours but I defeinitely gravitate towards warmer shades and contract.
    The Hunter green and maroon (maroon is that even still a word lol) I heard my sister call it cranberry the other day, what a riot.
    Hunter green is now moss green and widely used :)
    Good questions from a great poster

  17. I have major issues with orange. I never quite know what to do with it.

    I actually had a lot of hunter green clothing back in the 70s including a boat neck long sleeve velour top. It had orange and white stripes. What was I thinking??


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