Tuesday, June 29, 2010


took the kids to see StarWars in Concert a few nights ago. It was just super. The kids love orchestral music and John Williams is their favourite to listen to (Star Wars and Jurassic Park movie themes)

The live music was wonderful, and I don't know what was better - watching Cameron conduct, dance and sing to the music or just the whole experience itself. Ethan is the study boy - examines and studies everything in the show. Cameron is opposite - just feels it, and experiences it. They had displays in the halls of the stadium - my favourite was the original score from John Williams for the Star Wars theme. It was huge, complex, confusing and made me realize how simple my mind really is. LOL

No sewing news from me. After a few days of getting the house ready to sell, it went 'live' for sale on Friday. Saturday we got two showings, Sunday - a repeat showing. Yesterday an offer, an accepted offer! Now to remove the financing and inspection subjects and we have sold our house!

It's a tight and stressful timeline - that's the only way I seem to live (lol) so we leave on vacation in a few days, and then when we get back we have some serious house hunting trips to do. We'll be following the MLS (Canada's real estate website) to keep track of homes that pop up on the market while we're gone, and then as soon as we get back, we'll make a trip out to line up some house viewings.


  1. Wow! An offer already! That's great. I seem to live my life on a tight schedule too... hang in there...

    Jennifer :)

  2. Your boys are adorable. And John Williams is absolute genius.

    Congrats on the offer. Hope you can relax on your vacation.

  3. Wow, that was fast! Congratulations. One down, one to go.

  4. glad your selling end went quickly, now you don't have to keep the house tidy!! enjoy your vacation state side

  5. So exciting! You won't have to live without all your sewing gear for too long, after all! Hope the vacation is restful!


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