Friday, July 09, 2010

on holidays...

So, I went on a 1.5 day trip to Vancouver to look for houses, 2 days before my trip to Myrtle Beach. I found a home to put an offer on, and it was accepted (after a multiple offer scenario)My husband stayed home to deal with work and watch the kids.

We officially 'sold' our Alberta house, and are almost done with with the purchase of our new BC home. We had an inspection done and a few safety issues were of concern - electrical being the main one. So we're just negotiating bits, and hopefully all will be done by the 10th.

I cannot believe that I prepared for, listed, showed, sold and purchased a home in 6 days...only to leave on holidays the next. LOL.

So here I am in Pawley's Island, South Carolina (which is 1/2 hour south of Myrtle Beach) and enjoying the heat, the humidity and the beach and pool. It feels good. By tomorrow night it will feel perfect, when the home stuff is all finalized. We're doing alot of things over the phone and by email, so its still preoccupying us.

Nothing beats the ocean though. Nothing.

Okay. well...maybe shopping.

I am scouting out fabric shops to peruse for sure this year. I deserve it. No pictures, sorry, but picture the beach, and me enjoying it. ;-)


  1. Wow! Your life is really moving fast. Sounds like a blessing to me. Have fun on the beach and keep keeping us up to date.

  2. oh I can just picture the beach, having gone to university in NC and visiting Myrtle a few times. enjoy your time there and hope everything pulls through for the BC house

  3. How exciting! What a whirlwind that must have been. Hope all goes well with the purchase of your new home! The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild welcomes you to BC!

  4. Enjoy the beach and relax. It sounds like you will have plenty to do in the coming days.

  5. Anonymous 11:28 AM

    Congratulations - what a whirlwind. What community did you decide on?
    Best of luck to you all.

  6. I spent about 9 months on the lower mainland a couple of years ago. I found LOTS of great shops to visit and some wonderful quilt guilds too. What area will you be living in?


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