Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trying to settle in...

warning...wordy, personal and all about me.

On moving day, we couldn't move in. The sellers hadn't even moved out. They assumed (assumed!) that the possession time was noon. Wrong. Possession was 9am. At 9am, my semi truck of things arrived, only to find that the house was still occupied. Aside from him telling my realtor to get the f off of his property (well, actually MY property by then) I think when his moving truck finally arrived at 9:30, they literally were throwing their stuff onto the truck. They still hadn't had everything moved out until 2pm. Thankfully, my realtor was quick to know that the place wasn't cleaned, and arranged for a cleaner to come and do a clean in the afternoon.

My moving truck was sent back to the storage yard. Ethan was so upset. Cameron was occupied with the Nintendo DS and hadn't a clue what was going on. Trent was in the minivan, observing me deal in crisis mode from a distance.

(we are still dealing with the lawyers on the extra cost we were charged due to this)
We've been in our place for a few weeks now, lots of downsizing, more purging and realizing how much smaller this place really is.

Trent and I have both had a very difficult time with this transition. We have almost entered a depression of sorts and are trying to get out of it. We've entered the 'what the heck just happened, what did we just do' regret phase.

We realize that the last 3 months have been incredibly stressful, filled with quick decision making, exciting and chaotic, and its all part of the ride, but wow, it's a terrible time getting off the ride. To my Alberta friends, can you imagine, I totally miss Alberta and would go back in a heart beat!!! What I have learned - the grass is not always greener... yes the foliage here is greener, and our mountain views are incredible, but we're missing being Albertans.

The kids surprisingly have done incredibly well. Ethan has adjusted to his new school like a pro. Cameron not so much. The kindergarten here is all day, five days a week, rather than 1/2 days. He hates school, he's clingy, cries alot, grouchy, he is out of sorts. I notice a definate personality shift since our move, and am concerned.

To end on an upswing, the one thing I have not done was set up my sewing space. And I know that was really making me feel down. I was setting everything up for everyone else, and not for me. My sewing table had become the computer workspace, and I had no place to set up. So this week, I decided to take charge and I found a sewing table/cabinet on craigslist, and started to unpack my gear. As soon as I started doing this last night, I was already starting to have a glimmer of hope again. Motivation to improve the home. I will post about that next....

The one good thing about this move - I found my camera charger again!


  1. Oh my god! What an ordeal!!!! We recently had to move interstate (950kms) and were hectic with timing and that was a nightmare. Luckily for us the truck turned up the night before the move. We packed as much as we could. By 6 the next morning we had everything on that we could fit (we had to leave some things). I flew with son. The 2 cars and truck drove (with dogs in back). Everything arrived at 6pm good luck with recouping costs! Glad you got your creative space sorted!

  2. I'm so sorry for your headache. I think a lot of us have had to downsize in this economy and it IS depressing. Just know that you are not alone my friend. Take time for yourself and just look AHEAD!!

  3. It's always tough to move, I think.

    And, can't believe the people weren't moved out, even if the possession wasn't for a few more hours. What a nightmare!

  4. Sending hugs and hoping for much brighter days! I have missed you, and can't wait to see your new space!

  5. Oh no....I've been waiting to hear how you are settling in and I am so sorry that it has been so difficult. I hope things start to go a lot better for you guys and your family settles in. *hug*

  6. Anonymous 10:23 PM

    Oh yikes - only half the schools are full time - can you switch him to a different school? Or pull him out for this year - you only have to send them when they are 6. So sorry to hear he is struggling - mine is in grade 2 and it breaks my heart to hear about the social skills she is struggling with.

    Hope you settle in soon.

  7. Hugs from afar, Andrea. Sounds like you've had a bumpy ride! Keep your chin up and let yourself play with some fabric; soon you will remember the delights of living near amenities. Give it a little time and remember to be kind to yourself along the way!

  8. I'm really glad you are setting up your sewing space and hope that fabric therapy will work its magic soon.

  9. Oh wow! I'm sure that once things settle a bit you will all feel better. Change is HARD. But yes, we miss you!

  10. wow andrea what a roller coaster. hopefully at this point, you are feeling better than when you wrote this post. i hope the younger boys adjust...once they get used to a new routine i guess. fingers crossed for you for smoother roads ahead!!


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