Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My new sewing room unfolds...

The view from my living room window.. believe it or not, if I drive 1 minute down the hill, it's a major shopping area!

My sewing room closet - already had shelving in there. I've mashed my fabric in. I need to organize by colour, etc. My sister thought I had too much fabric. What??? Is that possible?
The room needs to be painted, and we intend to put new carpeting in (well, I'd love hardwood, but that's just not in the budget) It has alot of natural light, so it's a great little corner.
My new sewing cabinet, which I absolutely adore. It's a little taller than a normal table, and works fabulous for cutting and sewing:
I intend to make a design wall right above this desk - for inspiration and for project work. I thought of taking just regular chair rail lengths and frame it around a piece of batting.. hope it works!

This is another view of my new table. Note the drawers are on each end of the table, and the bottom one is full length of the table. Great storage for the unsightly stuff like batting. I love that the table can be extended or folded up to a narrow length... I only have one leaf extended here... The other leaf, I plan to cover with Insulbrite batting and fabric, to make it into an ironing side.
My first bee project in my new home....
I forgot to photograph the next one which was a spiderweb string block. Oh my gosh, those were so fun to do! I definately will be making string blocks again!

I feel bogged by being behind in the bee blocks, but they will get done slowly but surely. Thankfully, there aren't too many red alert speed demons needed.

Finally.. thoughts on this?
Is the internet blogging world buzzing with this new product or what? Do you have one? What do you think? They are incredible marketers of this product - going for the bloggers to spread the word. They know how word of mouth travels...I love that!

I'm not sure what I think about this tool. My first thought is - another thing to find a 'spot' for in my room. Also, I actually enjoy the process of cutting the fabric for my quilts. I love folding and cutting and stacking and watching the colours blend together in their little piles. Would it take away from that - would I become a little factory? Would I REALLY use this to control my stash, or would it just create more to-do projects? Thoughts?


  1. Nice view ... wow.

    Too much fabric .. never. Obviously your sister hasn't seen

  2. I agree--you actually actually too much fabric. Beautiful view. Isn't it nice to get settled in? I'm having laminate flooring installed in my sewing room. NOT looking forward to moving all the stuff out, but it will be worth it when it's finished.

  3. Too much fabric? If that is too much I am in trouble. I am a beginner and don't think that is too much!

    I am soo jealous of that view. Amazing! It looks like the view from my Grandparents cabin....

  4. Your room looks fantastic :)

    And I have the same thoughts about the Accu-quilt. Are you limited to their sizes/shapes? Am I going to cut 6 fabrics wrong instead of just the one? (LOL) That being said, I still sign up for any give-away that wants to hand one out for free! ;)

  5. Sweet view, wow! We don't have real mountains in Connecticut, just bumps. LOVE your sewing cabinet, Im totally envious. Hoping that the new blocks mean you've got your groove back! I'm with you on the GO!; I'd love it for cutting things like applecores or other curved shapes but I don't usually mind cutting the straight bits. And I could see myself stacking up piles and then forgetting what I had in mind when I started going crazy rolling!

  6. Congrats on your new sewing room! How fun to be able to start designing it just for you and all your needs. I'm so excited for you!!

    I'm feel funny about seeing that accucut device everywhere too. I mean how much of quilting do you want to automate? Isn't cutting the fabric a part of making the quilt? Of course, I just cut out 96 3" squares and was kind of wishing I had some sort of machine instead of my arm .....

  7. I would like one of those cutters! I tested one at a store and fell in love. Not the small one- a regular one, but I imagine they are similar. It was pretty slick. My mom and sister quilt so we could share one.

    They are awesome for the rag blankets and, also, I think it would keep my cutting "honest" for the regular squares. (My cutter/ruler combo has warped a little so I need to replace it. I have had some wonky blocks lately.) I really don't like making rag blankets but a lot of people have been requesting them lately. The snipping is the WORST.

  8. great view for sure! hope it is feeling a little more like home!
    i love your stash, great that it fits on one book always open for swaps if you want to change your fabric selection...and although ive signed up for GO! giveaways, i would never pay the money for this...doesnt seem like a good investment to me...and like you said..where to put it?????

  9. It does seem like the Go is everywhere. I think it would be helpful for circles and round things but straight cuts seem like a pain. I don't have room for one anyway so it does not matter for me. lol

  10. Have you previously mentioned where your sewing cabinet came from? Was it purchased or handmade? I love it!

    I saw the Go at Joann's one day and my immediate thought was "what a waste of fabric!" I would think that you have to cut the fabric small enough to fit in the cutter, and unless you measure perfectly, you'll have too many oddly sized scraps. Why not just use a ruler and rolling cutter?


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