Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eye Candy...

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What is your favourite flickr group for inspiration? Simply Solid Quilts is mine. I have really continued to know, that I love solids, I love plain jane, I love the clean lines and beauty of the understated. Above are some of my flickr favourites...

Could it be that my stash will one day become only solids, and a variation of solids - cross weaves, handweaves, hand dyed... and the threads I use will be the embellishment? I'm leaning that way.

I look at all of the different fabric lines out there, and none of them really grab me. Unless, it's two colour, simple dots or stripes. I know. How adventurous.

My stash of patterned fabric will soon become quilts for others... and then I can see a journey continued with solids.

So do you have a flickr group you just love to follow for inspiration? Is there one artist or quilter that you just always identify with, or get inspiration from? Does this reflect or run parallel with your own personality?

I'm not sure my inspirations or aspirations reflect my personality....


  1. hey andrea...i feel you! im loving solids...and i really like the shot cottons and moda cross weave...and carolina chambrays!!
    id be happy for another swap with you if you'd like to swap prints for solids! Ive gotten a larger/nicer selection since our last swap! love your inspirations!

  2. I am on my way to becoming a lover of solids! I recently bought City Quilts and can't wait to get going :)

  3. I'm still buying prints, but I'm definitely building up my stash of solids. Do you have a good source for Carolina chambrays?

  4. I hear you on this one! I do love prints too, but adding more solids to my stash and putting together different color combinations is one of my favorite things!


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