Friday, October 22, 2010

The UNprocess..

I was trying to make a baby quilt out of stash and scraps that I already had. I almost was there, until I put the brown snuggles fabric around it. ick. I just didn't have enough fabric to really make something of it - even if just a small travel quilt. So I unprocessed - and removed, and placed the partial blocks away.

I know I need more fabric. But I'm on a spending freeze until I can use up some of my stash.

Except when I bought this set of fq's for 1/2 price at Fabric Flair on etsy. I know it's not solids which I covet - but I really love the charcoal and orange combo of these prints!


  1. Hey, Andrea: Do you want some of my stash to help with the baby quilt? I'm pretty sure I have things that would work. And as you know....I AM in the process of destashing. Let me know...

  2. Knowing when to stop is a good thing. I started making a quilt for my niece and it just wasn't coming out the way I envisioned it but I wouldn't give up. I ended up giving her a totally awful quilt and I still feel horrible about it. I wished I would have just "pulled the plug" and started fresh.

    That charcoal and orange fabric is fabulous!

  3. I've done the same thing! Trying to work from your stash can be frustrating sometimes but how wonderful to get to say, "I didn't buy a thing!" - esp to the hubby ;)

  4. Hi Andrea, You must be so happy to have things all unpacked, kids settled in school and your sewing machine out and ready for use once again! Congrats on your move back to BC! I liked those blocks you made (above) hope you will be able to find some more fabric to make them into a baby quilt one day. The orange and gray fabric is beautiful. Thanks for the comment on my blog-I do like smaller projects, especially makeup bags,pencil cases they make nice gifts :) I just finished a set of 3 Stash and Dash bags (an Amy B pattern)I'll be posting a picture later this week!
    Have a great day!


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