Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loving rectangles..

I love rectangular blocks. At about 9:30pm last night, I got a simple quilt idea (which I'm sure has been done many o times) to use my new fabric in a simple quilt with large and small rectangles. Easy peasy right?

Piecing is easy - except when you randomly pair them together, and then hang them to position them on your design wall..... This is where I use up wayyyyyy too much time making sure the combinations are just right. Time waster.

So, do I put any white or charcoal vertical sashing in between the rows? yes or no?


  1. Yes! Ummm..... no. I think it would look good either way but I'm swinging back to Yes again.

  2. Do what your heart tells you, then enjoy!

  3. I like it, but some charcoal sashing? Ooooh, that might just push it over into SUPER LIKE! :)

  4. Hello Andrea!

    I suffer from the same problem! Simple design but obsessive over the color placement. Ughhh...

    When I look at you wonderful design, I think that I would go with the charcoal. Something darker to pull it all together. Right now I am so into the color "stone" and I don't know why, but I am.

    Enjoy the process,

  5. yes, I'd do the charcoal!

  6. Maybe something inbetween white and charcoal? I don't know. what I DO know is that the colors are fabulous!

  7. I love striped quilts and putting a sashing would make it stripey. I think either way would look great. Charcoal would be a good choice since there's already a light gray in the blocks. Love the colors!


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