Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bathroom Reno..

We knew there was some work to do on the house when we moved in... painting has been ongoing here and is almost done. Just a few more rooms to go. The bathroom was a biggie, one that we are just not experienced enough to tackle.
**insert cheesy sixties disco ambient music now...

Gorgeous sauna siding....
Yes, that's a yellow toilet, yellow sink, and yellow tub.

We didn't want anything fancy or upscale - just something up to date, clean, white and energy efficient. (That toilet tank took about 5 minutes to fill!)

When the contractors came to gut and reno...we found moisture damage...and HOW! The subfloor that was put in under the lino was fibre board - which totally sucks up moisture like a sponge.

no decor yet...this is bare bones ...
toilet hasn't even been peed in yet in this photo!

We put up one of those curved shower rods for our bath - what a HUGE difference in space it makes when taking a shower! highly recommended.

Onto sewing related posts next time... promise ;-)


  1. Oooohhh!! MUCH better! (Is that a crest on the before toilet seat?) My first house had a robin's egg blue toilet, sink and bathtub... what were people thinking? You can't exactly just slap a coat of paint on those things...

    I love the black cabinet. (I have been thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets black- so far just thinking.) This looks SO nice!!!

  2. Begone, Harvest Gold! Begone, water damage - fiber board subfloor, what were they thinking?!? Hope you saved that sauna siding, could be useful elsewhere (like flooring for a closet perhaps?). It looks fabulous, what a pleasure it is to make your home truly your own!

  3. I love the curved shower rod - I could never go back.

  4. We have the EXACT same tub. And the square version on the sink. Sadly, 7 years after moving in we still have them. Your new version looks great (and makes me very jealous)

  5. Lily Lazecki 4:48 PM

    Your new bathroom is fabulous! LOVE the dark wood.

  6. VERY Nice!!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!

    P.S. my word verification word was "ampotty." Do you think they really meant "dampotty"?

  8. oh, my, what a vast improvement! i love your new bathroom.


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